Thursday, February 11, 2016

Eversource Website: Does everything except the ONE thing you need!

This will be short and not sweet.

What is the most common use you make of the customer support line and a vendor web site:

Well, #1 is to report an outage.  But the next most common one is to review your bill.

Check out the Eversource web site:

Tabs within tabs.

All kinds of buttons for products and services.

You can report an outage. (Indeed their outage map and their ability to report outages is pretty good. I've used it.)

You can pay your bill, but unless you are enrolled in E-Bills and DISCONTINUE receiving paper bills, you CANNOT see a copy of your bill on their web site.  The feature is simply not available.

When you log in, there is so much stuff on the page on offer that you could spend hours trying stuff out and trying to find the ability to see your current or recent bills. Nope.  Not available.

What WERE they thinking?

When I spoke with a telephone rep. to confirm this, she said that she hears this quite often.

I guess once you invest in the fancy web site that gets approved by the C-levels who have people pay their bills for them, there's no plan ever to learn from actual use of the site, and to incorporate the feedback that the web site is missing a basic feature.

I looked at the source code for their home page to see if there was a third party web site provider that I could shame here.  I saw mention of "Telerik.Web.UI".  Telerik is a web development platform.  So either Eversource in-house design got this, or the third party that produced the web site for them kept their identity a secret.

Be embarrassed Eversource.

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