Friday, April 24, 2015

Attn: Apple: You've gotten TOO clever with the finder.

Ok, I've still not taken Yosemite.  I'm still getting used to Mavericks.

There are new things to like about it.  But I want to complain about how someone has gotten a little TOO clever in the finder.

I'm pretty sloppy with my mouse movements, and now that has become a problem.

Now when I move my QuickTime window, half the time, instead of grabbing the title bar, it grabs the text and offers me an editing window.

NO!  I want to move the window.  If I want to rename the file, I'll go to the folder window!

When I want to move a file to another folder, I NEVER want to put a text string naming the file in the destination folder.  Whoever thought that implicit cut and paste of the filename on a drag action was a good idea is just plain wrong!